“Things I hadn’t even thought of” ‘12.5 billion won in 6 years, 13.2 billion won in 7 years’ Unprecedented trip to Ngu “The dream of going overseas…”

 Goo Chang-mo (25), who continued his journey to Ngu (NC is happy thanks to Gu Chang-mo) through the NC Dinos club’s first non-FA multi-year contract.

After a successful comeback season, he answered as follows when asked about his thoughts on a ‘non-FA long-term contract’ in an interview with Sports Chosun held at NC Park in Changwon last month. “To do that, I have to show it clearly first. I think it’s still too early.

To that extent, the proposal from the NC club took him by surprise. In a phone interview with Sports Chosun after announcing his contract, he said:

“I didn’t even think about it. The club gave me such a good offer, so I signed without thinking for a long time. I’m so grateful.”

This contract focuses on Gu Chang-mo’s ‘special value’.

The contract conditions announced by NC on the 17th are divided into two cases, taking into account that the period of obtaining FA qualification for Gu Chang-mo varies depending on the performance of international competitions in 2023. When obtaining FA qualification after the end of the 2024 season, the contract period is 6 years from 2023 to 2028, with an annual salary of 9 billion won and an incentive of 3.5 billion won, totaling 12.5 billion won. If FA qualification is not obtained after the end of the 2024 season, the contract period is 6+1 years from 2023 to 2029, and the maximum annual salary of 8.8 billion won for 6 years, including incentives and the execution of the 7th year contract, is up to 13.2 billion won. . It also included a clause extending the contract period by the corresponding period when enlisting in the military.

Until before, the highest non-FA ever, which had been playing in the KBO league rather than an overseas U-turn, was up to 12 billion won in 5 years by Ja-wook Koo of Samsung. Among the pitchers, it was Lotte Park Se-woong’s 5-year, 9 billion won.

It is an unconventional contract in many ways, as well as the longest period and maximum amount.

Gu Chang-mo has more than two years left to qualify for free agency. This is unusual considering that a player with one year left in his free agency qualification has signed a multi-year non-agent contract. Besides, Gu Chang-mo has not completed military service.

The contents of the contract reveal how big Chang-mo Gu’s existence is in NC’s future conception and how much effort was put into catching Chang-mo Koo from various angles. There were various ‘first’ modifiers.

“I heard that there are many firsts. It is NC’s first non-FA multi-year contract, the youngest multi-year contract, and the first player with more than two years left as an FA. I am deeply moved because it is such a symbolic contract. I feel a sense of responsibility to not get sick and play baseball better. “

With this long-term contract, Koo Chang-mo chose the path of an NC franchise star with his close friend, senior Park Min-woo, who signed a long-term FA contract (5+3 years, up to 14 billion won) at the end of last month.

“The hyung who took care of me since I was a rookie signed a long-term FA contract this time. I thought, ‘I want to do it together as a franchise player. He said, “Let’s take responsibility and become the pillars of NC Two-Ta, the two of us, let’s go on a permanent vacation together.

” Players to catch. The club’s unconventional long-term contract has this desire melted into it.

“I am now in the middle between juniors and seniors, but I feel a great sense of responsibility. The CEO and general manager asked me to help create synergy so that the players under me can do well together. I think I’ve become a player to do. I think I need to show leadership in that area. I have to tell my juniors what I learned from (Lee) Jae-hak hyung, who I usually ask a lot, and try to play baseball well together.”

Lim Seon-nam, general manager of the NC Dinos, said, “I am happy to promise to accompany our team’s franchise player and the league’s leading left-handed starting pitcher, Chang-mo Koo, for up to 7 seasons. Since his rookie days, player Chang-mo Koo has consistently shown serious attitude and sincerity toward baseball. He is a player. He went through a difficult time at one time, but he overcame it with strong mental strength, and this year he returned healthy and led the starting lineup with the appearance of a native ace,” he said. “There have been several changes in the composition of the squad over the past two seasons, and the squad is getting younger. As a key member of the team’s starting lineup, as well as a senior player, I expect him to play a positive role on and off the field in the future.”

Was there any regret about transferring to another team or going abroad after obtaining the FA qualification? 토토

“I have never thought about transferring to another team. However, I have thought about going overseas, but there are not many successful cases in the US or Japan, and there are still many things I want to do and do in NC, so I didn’t worry too much. is.”

The NC said, “This was done for the purpose of preemptively securing key selection resources, motivating players, stabilizing the starting pitching staff, and executing a mid- to long-term plan to organize the squad. In particular, long-term contracts for players who remain for more than two seasons until obtaining FA qualification As the first case in the KBO League, the thoughts of the club and the player who wished to accompany for a long time coincided and were able to bear the fruit of a long-term contract.”

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