There is a symbol of being the first”… ‘Express contract’ that surprised even Engu

“I have at least two years left until free agency, but it is symbolic and emotional because it is the first case of a non-FA multi-year contract.”

NC Dinos pitcher Koo Chang-mo (25) signed a multi-year contract as the first player in the KBO League to have more than two seasons left before obtaining FA qualification.

On the 17th, NC announced a multi-year contract with pitcher Chang-mo Koo (25) through a press release. The terms of the contract were divided into two cases in consideration of the fact that the period of obtaining FA qualification for Koo Chang-mo varies depending on the performance of the 2023 international competition. When obtaining FA qualification after the end of the 2024 season, the contract period is six years from 2023 to 2028, with an annual salary of 9 billion won and an incentive of 3.5 billion won, totaling 12.5 billion won.

If FA qualification is not obtained after the end of the 2024 season, the contract period is 6+1 years from 2023 to 2029, and the maximum amount is KRW 13.2 billion, including incentives and the execution of the contract for the 7th year, with a guaranteed annual salary of KRW 8.8 billion for 6 years. . It also included a clause extending the contract period by the corresponding period when enlisting in the military.

Lim Seon-nam, NC general manager, said, “I am happy to promise to accompany Gu Chang-mo, our team’s franchise player and the league’s leading left-handed starting pitcher, for up to 7 seasons. Chang-mo Koo has consistently shown a serious attitude and sincerity toward baseball since he was a rookie. I went through time, but I overcame it with strong mental strength, and this year, when I returned healthy, I led the starting lineup with the appearance of a native ace,” he said. There have been several changes, and the squad is getting younger. As a key member of the team’s starting lineup, as well as a senior player, I expect him to play a positive role on and off the field in the future.”

In an interview with Spotify News after signing a multi-year contract, Koo Chang-mo said, “I have at least two years left until free agency, but it is the first case to sign a multi-year contract, so it is symbolic and emotional.”

The following is Q&A with Gu Chang-mo.

-I signed a big contract with NC.

It’s a multi-year contract that I didn’t even think of, and I’m really grateful to the club for presenting it on good terms. I am happy that I am getting closer to my dream of becoming a NC franchise star, and I feel a greater sense of responsibility. I take good care of my seniors and juniors on and off the baseball field, and I have a strong desire to do well together.

– Since when did the news of the multi-year contract come and go


-When I received the offer of a multi-year contract from the club, I

couldn’t even think of what I was thinking, so there was a feeling of embarrassment thinking, ‘Is it right for me to present it to you?’

– A player with more than two seasons remaining until obtaining FA qualification for the first time in the KBO League, and signed a non-FA multi-year contract.

Everyone signed a multi-year contract one year before obtaining FA qualification. I have at least two years left until free agency, and it is the first case of signing a multi-year contract, so it is symbolic, emotional, and grateful. 스포츠토토

-As much as that, NC also believes in and expects Koo Chang-mo, so many people

around him say that ‘it has not been verified yet’, so we need to improve that quickly. Next year, I want to do well and prove that my choices and expectations were not wrong.

-I couldn’t play the 2021 season due to an injury, but I returned to the mound this year and showed pitching like Gu Chang-mo.

Although the injury was long, he rehabilitated hard and returned to health this season. He is content with finishing the season well. Now, my goal is to become a starting pitcher who can play full-time. If you are a starting pitcher, you must complete the required innings to be verified. It’s a shame, so I’ll prepare thoroughly from the off-season and do well next year.

-I guess I received some congratulatory messages from people around me

. I haven’t talked to director Kang In-kwon yet, so I’ll try to contact him first.

– A word to the NC fans who will cry out, “Thank you to Gu Chang-mo, for next year,

I am really grateful to the NC fans. Even when I was having a hard time with my injury, he constantly supported me and believed in me. Thanks to that, I think I came back well, and I was able to sign a good contract. In the future, I will show a lot of good looks so that I can naturally feel the desire to support the NC team. We ask for your support.

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