Ronaldo to the Middle East, become Jung Woo-young’s colleague… ‘Al Sadd interested in signing Ronaldo’

The possibility of Ronaldo going to the Middle East without a team is being predicted.

Spanish media Ars said, ‘Elite clubs have forgotten Ronaldo’ and ‘There are only proposals from Saudi Arabia and Qatar for Ronaldo. Al Nasr was the first team offered to Ronaldo. Al Sadd is also interested in signing Ronaldo. He can play with players like Ayewoo and Cazorla. Ronaldo said he aims to continue playing at the highest level, but his options are limited.

Ronaldo played the World Cup without his team as his contract with Manchester United (Man United) was terminated ahead of the Qatar World Cup. Ronaldo was seen as a favorite during his World Cup campaign by Al Nasrhaeng. On the 30th of last month, Spanish media such as Marca said, ‘Ronaldo, who does not have a team, is close to an agreement with Al Nasr. Ronaldo will receive an annual salary of 200 million euros (approximately 272.7 billion won), including advertising contracts. His contract will last for two and a half years,’ but Ronaldo directly denied his al-Nasr move ahead of the quarter-final against Morocco. Afterwards, Al Nasr’s chairman, Al Muammar, told local reporters in Saudi Arabia on the 16th, “Who is Ronaldo? I don’t know Ronaldo,” and showed the appearance of withdrawing from the recruitment of Ronaldo.토토사이트

Ronaldo’s agent, Mendes, contacted various clubs during the transfer window last summer, including Chelsea (England), Napoli (Italy) and Dortmund (Germany), but the transfer did not come through. Ronaldo, who has no team, conducted individual training at the Real Madrid training ground after the World Cup in Qatar, but was reported to have recently moved to the Middle East.

Al Sadd, who is attracting attention due to rumors of Ronaldo signing, won the Qatar League 16 times, including winning the Qatar Stars League last season. Midfielder Jung Woo-young of the national soccer team has been active since 2018.

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