“Oh my God, this is what happens” 135 billion fat man, ‘waddling’ gained weight properly

This is the transfer fee Real Madrid paid Chelsea four years ago when they acquired Crack. 100 million euros evaporated. don’t think about coming back

It is difficult to treat. Real Madrid recruited Eden Hazard (31), who dominated the Premier League, to fill the vacancy of Cristiano Ronaldo (Al Nasr) in the past, but it ended in failure.

Hazard has scored 1-3-0 league goals in his last three seasons at Real. They are scoreless in 3 matches this season.

Real advanced to the round of 16 after winning 1-0 in the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) against Casereno on the 4th. Hazard played as a left striker and was responsible for the attack, but remained silent and was substituted in the 23rd minute of the second half and left the ground.

No one expects Hazard’s play anymore. He had already played in a Belgian uniform at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, and even Belgian fans booed him when he was substituted. He announced his retirement with the failure of the Belgian national team.

He hasn’t changed since. Against Cassereño, Hazard drew attention more for his appearance than for his football. A picture of Hazard was posted on Twitter ‘Out Of Context Football’, which has more than 2.9 million followers.토토

I can’t even believe it when I see it He, who was already called ‘Fat Hamburger’, has now crossed a river of no return. He was the uncle of the early soccer club. His waddling, stomach protruded more than his chest. The slim appearance of the Premier League days has disappeared.

Fan reactions were also included. One fan said “how could this happen…” another fan said “really? I can’t believe it”, “I can’t see Azar before”, “How could it be like this?”

It is impossible to play for Real anymore, physically and athletically. Spanish local media (Defensa Central) is known to be looking for a lease for Hazard by Turkiye Fenerbahce.

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