Korea Hold’em Association officially launched “To become a hold’em sports powerhouse like e-Sports!”

The Korea Hold’em Association (Chairman Chang-wook Son) is officially launched to take the lead in establishing a sound hold’em sports culture, legalization, and awareness improvement.

The KHA‧Korea Holdem Association was held on the 5th (Thu) at 2:30 pm in the 2nd small meeting room on the 2nd floor of the National Assembly Members’ Hall in Yeouido, Seoul. A total of 100 people from the political and business circles attended the ‘Korea Hold’em Association launching ceremony and commemorative seminar’.

The purpose of the establishment of the association is to eradicate illegal gambling activities and create a sound business environment together with the industry in order to eradicate illegal gambling and establish a healthy gaming culture. We are doing our best through the media, such as installing a gambling addiction prevention booklet in the business place and promoting gambling addiction prevention.

In addition, as future projects, the association will ▲improve hold’em sports awareness ▲support settlement and popularization as a lifestyle sport ▲international exchanges and hosting and operation of international competitions ▲operate educational institutions and produce educational contents ▲nurturing human resources such as national and professional players, professional dealers and trainees ▲ It plans to carry out player and dealer certification systems, development and training of anti-gambling programs, management and supervision of hold’em pubs and related businesses, and other necessary projects.

Chang-wook Son, CEO of Me2on Co., Ltd., serves as the first president of the association.

Sohn, the first president, said, “There is a high possibility that it will be adopted internationally as a demonstration sport for the 2028 LA Olympics, and leading sports channels such as ESPN in the US are broadcasting international competitions. Awareness coexists,” he said in his welcome speech.

In addition, Chairman Sohn said, “I will improve the awareness of hold’em sports, take the lead in popularization, and establish myself as a hold’em sport within the system.” expressed his aspirations.

Chairman Lee Han-young gave a congratulatory speech and said, “The domestic hold’em population is enjoying great popularity around the MZ generation (millennials + Z generation) to the extent that 300,000 people are enjoying it, and it is a sport and game that is popular around the world.” He emphasized that, since improving awareness and legalization in accordance with the trend of the times are essential elements, it is necessary to be nurtured and institutionalized in order to revitalize the industrial group.” 스포츠토토

Prior to the inauguration ceremony, the association held a seminar and presented the direction for the development of hold’em sports, culture, and the industry. On this day, the seminar presented ▲current status and prospects of the hold’em game industry at home and abroad ▲controversy over the illegality of hold’em pubs and hold’em competitions ▲plans for self-regulation of the hold’em game market ▲blockchain-based hold’em pubs and plans to improve transparency in competitions.

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