KB Insurance, who returned as a field commander, defeated Woori Card and escaped from 2 consecutive losses and the lowest place

KB Insurance, which broke the chain of two consecutive losses, secured 18 points (6 wins, 13 losses) and regained the 6th place it had given up to Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (17 points, 5 wins, 14 losses). The difference between KEPCO in 5th place (21 points, 6 wins and 13 losses) is 3 points.

Setter Hwang Taek-eui, who missed 6 games in the 3rd round due to injury, took the lead in escaping from a losing streak with stable game management.

Andres Viyena (registered name Viyena) made a big success with 25 points, the most among both teams, while Hwang Kyung-min also contributed to the victory with a 9-point attack success rate of 56%.

KB Insurance took the set in advance by showing its potential to overturn the 3-point difference.

In a situation where they were drawn 19-22, their defensive concentration shone. The gap was narrowed by the opponent’s serve offense, and a stepping stone was laid for a reversal with repeated effective blocking and dig.

KB Insurance, which made 23-23 with Hwang Kyung-min’s quick open attack, took the set point by going through Viyena’s open attack.

Woori Card aimed for deuce, but Na Kyung-bok’s attack went off the court and swallowed regret.

KB Insurance led the second set in the direction they wanted. At 8-7, Kim Hong-jung’s fast break started, and he scored 4 consecutive goals, making it 12-7 at once.토토사이트

As the game progressed, the gap widened even more. Viyena’s back attack made it 20-13, and Hwang Taek-eui’s sub-ace added to the victory.

Han Seong-jeong blocked Agamez’s attack 24-17 and took the second set to KB Insurance.

The beginning of the 3rd set was Vijena’s one-man show. Villena was responsible for all the points until KB Insurance led 5-2.

KB Loss Insurance took a 20-17 lead and allowed a 22-22 tie. But the reverse was not allowed.

KB Insurance, which put a brake on the rise of Woori Card with Park Jin-woo’s quick attack, took the match point with the performance of Villena, who was responsible for scoring after the dig. And Lee Sang-hyun’s fast break left the court, completing the shutout victory.

Woori Card’s main setter Hwang Seung-bin was shaken, and the strikers’ performance was also insufficient. Agame struggled with 16 points, the most in the team, but lacked sophistication with an attack success rate of 41%. Local ace Na Gyeong-bok also performed sluggishly with 9 points and an attack success rate of 39%.

Woori Card (29 points, 11 wins, 8 losses), which was aiming to recapture 3rd place, finished 2 victories in a row and kept 4th place.

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