“I wish we could have an interview like this every year” Eul-Yong Lee’s two sons Tae-Seok Lee and Seung-Jun Lee 

On the 29th of last month, FC Seoul signed professional contracts with three graduates of Seoul Osan High School, a youth team. Among the three who went straight to pro, Lee Seung-jun (19) drew attention as the second son of Lee Eul-yong (48) general manager of the Yongin City Football Center, a member of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semifinals. Coach Lee served as manager (acting manager) while playing in Seoul during his active career. Director Lee’s eldest son Lee Tae-seok (21) was already playing in Seoul from the 2021 season as soon as he graduated from Osan High School, which made it even more special. It is not easy for the brothers to step on the professional stage, but the three fathers and sons became a hot topic when they played for a prestigious team called Seoul.

Brothers Lee Tae-seok and Seung-jun, who met at GS Champions Park in Guri, Gyeonggi-do on the 4th, were delighted, saying, “It’s something I’ve been dreaming of since I was young.” Lee Seung-jun said, “It’s amazing that my father, my brother, and me all play for a team called Seoul.” I did,” he said excitedly. Lee Tae-seok, who received the spotlight two years earlier when he joined Seoul as Lee Eul-yong’s son, laughed, saying, “It’s new to be in the spotlight with my younger brother.”

Lee Tae-seok, who has already accumulated experience in the professional league, felt a little more relaxed. Lee Tae-seok, who was immediately evaluated as having a sense of power when he joined the team, is playing as a starter in charge of Seoul’s left defense. Lee Tae-seok said that his younger brother, who plays as an attacking midfielder and winger, also has good qualities. He introduced himself as a midfielder with good keeping and pass sense.” Lee Seung-jun is highly praised not only for his skills, but also for his boldness to succeed in the Panenka kick in the final penalty shootout of the K-League Youth Championship last July.

The two go back and forth together at their home and do personal training together. Lee Seung-joon, who completed the second team training in the new year on this day, said, “My brother advised me before joining the training, ‘It will be harder than you think, so take heart and prepare thoroughly.’ But even though I was determined, it was hard.” He smiled shyly. He added, “Certainly, the professional brothers are different. I was out of breath, but it was fun. I think that if we overcome such hardships, we will improve further.”

The conversation ‘Tiki-taka’ exchanged between the two made them guess their usual relationship. Lee Tae-seok said, “We are like friends.” It was also a competitor to Lee Seung-jun, who always had to look at his older brother who was two years ahead of him. Lee Seung-jun recalled his childhood, saying, “Hyung was more of a person who wanted to win than a role model.”

First of all, my older brother, who was established on a professional team, was also a good motivator. He often took part as a ball boy during Seoul’s home games, perched on the left side of his older brother’s run and watched closely. Lee Seung-jun said, “His older brother carefully wiped the ball with his clothes and gave it to me so that he could throw the throw-in well. When he made a great play, he quietly clapped. He laughed, saying, “I don’t think you’ll know,” and said, “I often thought, ‘I want to play in the left line with my brother on a stage like that.'”

Having a father who had a illustrious football career is both a blessing and a burden for second-year footballers. The two brothers bravely face the inevitable pressure. Lee Tae-seok, who is known for his high training volume within the team, looks to higher places in 2023, his third year as a pro. From his sharpened jawline, we could see the fierce preparation process. Lee Tae-seok, who says he does a lot of weight training along with managing his protein-oriented diet, said, “There are many things he wants to eat, but he controls them while exercising. He explained that last season was a disappointing season with a lot of minor injuries, so he focuses more on building a good body.” He said, “I want to put on a little better performance, but I want to sacrifice more to the team and put the team called FC Seoul in a position worthy of its reputation.” As the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September also motivate him, he is determined ahead of the new season. 토토

As a rookie, Lee Seung-joon clearly said, “My goal is to do my best in every training session, get a chance to play at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and help the team even in small ways.”

Can’t be satisfied here. Their challenge is just the beginning. First of all, I dream of the moment when I proudly establish myself as a main player in Seoul and then run side by side in the World Cup in North and Central America three years later wearing the Taegeuk mark. Lee Tae-seok, who said the three fathers and their father watched the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year together, said, “When the next World Cup is held, we will be at the perfect age to challenge ourselves in the World Cup.” We will work together for you,” he said. Lee Seung-jun also said, “His father also encouraged me, saying, ‘You guys can do it too. I think we can play together in the World Cup if we work hard in our respective positions.”

Lee Tae-seok said, “I wish the two of us would have an interview like this every year. It must mean that both of you are doing well,” ending the interview with a smile.

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