‘Hollan Minamino’ all gathered in Hwang Hee-chan’s fashion…’Playful Explosion’ This is best friend chemistry

Hwang Hee-chan (26, Wolverhampton), striker of the Korean national soccer team, showed off his anti-war charm as a pictorial model.

On the 16th, Heechan Hwang released a pictorial with luxury brand Gucci, fashion magazine W Korea, and Marie Claire on his Instagram. In the pictorial, Hwang Hee-chan showed off various fits such as suits and casual wear. As much as he was always interested in fashion, he showed a fashion sense comparable to that of a professional model.

Then, not only his teammates from Wolverhampton, but also former colleagues such as Elling Hollan (Man City) and Takumi Minami (AS Takumi) gathered on Hwang Hee-chan’s SNS. It was to play a joke on Hwang Hee-chan’s unusual fashion pictorial.

First, Wolverhampton goalkeeper Jo Se-sa added an emoticon of touching his forehead with a hand and a laughing emoticon while shedding tears. Hwang Hee-chan and Jo Se-sa are known for playing pranks on each other and being close. Previously, Sesa Jo pointed out Hwang Hee-chan’s fashion sense and made jokes on several occasions.

Along with this, Josesa tagged Wolverhampton players such as Joao Moutinho, Ruben Neves, Pedro Neto, Nelson Semedo and Diego Costa. Hwang Hee-chan’s fashion pictorial seemed to be a waste for only me to see, so I summoned his teammates.

Then Hwang Hee-chan responded to Jose’s prank, saying, “If you do this, you can’t get Choco Pie.”

Including this, Wolverhampton midfielder Daniel Podense also made fun of Hwang Hee-chan by commenting, “What is this?”

Here, the world’s best striker Halan and Japan’s main striker Takumi Minamino also appeared. First, Holan left a sighing emoticon on the post, saying, “Wow, Hwang Hee-chan.” 토토사이트

Halan, Minamino and Hwang Hee-chan played together in Salzburg, Austria. Even after the team changed, they always exchanged greetings and boasted of a strong friendship whenever they had a head-to-head match. They also showed off their close friendship by exchanging jokes on social media. It was a true ‘best friend chemistry’.

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