Heungkuk Life Insurance, Kim Ki-joong’s head coach, the players’ opposition airflow

It has been confirmed that Heungkuk Life Insurance, which sacked coach Kwon Soon-chan, has selected former head coach Kim Ki-joong as the new head coach.

However, it was confirmed as a result of the Sports Times coverage that the players had already sensed this fact and were protesting.

Heungkuk Life Insurance sacked manager Kwon Soon-chan on the 2nd. In the first press release as the reason for the hardship, it was stated that ‘it does not match the direction the club wants to go’, but it was confirmed that the real reason was that it did not follow the instructions for the appointment of players from the club’s high-ranking officials.

On the 5th, three days after the resignation of manager Kwon Soon-chan, Heungkuk Life Insurance played a game against GS Caltex in Incheon, its home court.

Head coach Lee Young-soo led the match as an acting manager. The match ended with Heungkuk Life Insurance winning 3-2.

However, right after the game, acting coach Lee Young-soo announced in front of reporters that he would resign after the match.

The players were also puzzled. Kim Yeon-kyung showed a puzzled expression, saying, “(So far) everything in the article is true. If head coach Lee Young-soo goes out, now we have to do it ourselves, but this is…”

At the same time, she struggled, saying, “Even if the next director comes, I can’t trust him. Anyway, he is the director that the company wants and prefers. Because I don’t know for whom (the director) was appointed and dismissed…”

Kim Hae-ran said, “I personally felt the general manager’s involvement in the selection of players. The players knew in fact. So there were players who were upset, and so was I. I also told the manager (Kwon Soon-chan). It was a feeling. I hope this will never happen again.”

The players already knew many facts about the background of coach Kwon Soon-chan’s resignation, and were discussing while listening to information about the new coach. In the midst of this, the fact that former head coach Kim Ki-joong was coming as the new coach spread, and the players gathered in groups of threes and fives to share their opinions, but the air of opposition was clear.

However, Heungkuk Life Insurance is expected to forcefully announce the appointment of new coach Kim Ki-joong on the 6th. The opinions of the players do not necessarily have to be reflected in the coach appointment process, but this time is an exception.

Now, Heungkuk Life Insurance players are struggling to play in a panic. It’s a mentally disturbing situation. The situation is already like this, but the players have already experienced it, and if an unwelcome leader comes as a coach and follows the instructions of the upper line, the rest of the life for the players is no different from hell. 토토

In addition, former head coach Kim Ki-joong needs to be cautious if he thinks broadly about his volleyball life. A professional coach may be greedy, but he must realize that it is more important for the current situation to truly come into its own than directing the squad.

Moreover, both men’s and women’s directors are extremely wary of responding to Heungkuk Life’s coaching proposal at this point. It is said that it is an inhumane choice to step on and step on the gap in coach Kwon Soon-chan’s hardship. Moreover, in a situation where there is no external mention of the next managerial role of the Heungkuk Life Insurance club, if he assumes the role of a puppet of the club by suppressing the opposition of the players, no matter who comes as the manager, the arrows of the volleyball world and the media cannot be avoided.

In particular, it is expected that Heungkuk Life Insurance will become more difficult if it is a situation where the manager comes as the leader desired by the club, rather than as a managerial leader who can control the agitation of the players.

The announcement of new coach Kim Ki-joong has not yet been officially made. However, if the announcement is made, Heungkuk Life Insurance is expected to become more inflamed internally and fester.

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