From racist slogans to ‘stop the game’… A player who shed tears

Something that shouldn’t have happened in the Italian league. The game stopped after racist slogans were poured out from the stands. The injured player endured until the end and finally showed tears.

This is Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok.


< US Lecce 2:1 SS Lazio|Serie A >

Lecce, who conceded an empty goal as the back space was opened at the moment, caught up with a goal in the second half and made a fierce match, but the players suddenly stopped.

The referee stopped the game as Lazio fans’ racist slogans toward Lecce’s defender Umtiti, born in Cameroon, intensified.

In addition to Umtiti, Zambian striker Banda was also affected. 토토사이트

When everyone froze, it was the home fans who melted the hearts of the players.

[Umtiti! Umtiti!]

As soon as the game resumed, it was thanks to the cheering that the slogan of racism was buried, and the victory was finally presented.

Umtiti also had tears in his eyes,

[Umtiti! Umtiti!]

Even after the match, the fans stayed and comforted us.

The Lecce club thanked them for being able to win thanks to the home fans who stood up against racism.

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