Director Kim Do-wan of Hana One Q “Park Ji-soo’s return today was OK, I’ll do my best”

 Can Hana 1Q gain strength and win against KB Stars, which has become complete with the national team center joining?

Bucheon HanawonQ, led by coach Kim Do-wan, will face off against Cheongju KB Stars and Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league in the third round at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 17th. 

Hana 1 Q is on a five-game losing streak since the match against KB Stars in the second round. In the match against Incheon Shinhan Bank on the 15th, which was the previous game of Hana 1Q, Shin Ji-hyun missed due to micro damage to his hamstring and popliteal ligament, but played the game evenly until the 2nd quarter.

In the midst of a losing streak, Hana 1Q meets KB Stars, who won in the second round. However, KB Stars is not the previous KB Stars. On this day, KB Stars will return to national team center Park Ji-soo. Can Hana One Q change the ranking with KB Stars while recording a victory over KB Stars, which has become a complete team?

Bucheon Hanawon Q Coach Do-Wan Kim said, “It will be a difficult game, but I asked the players to move actively.”

Q. How are you preparing for the match today?
The players in the last game gave a lot of praise for their hard work. There are not many players available and there is news that Park Ji-soo will return to KB Stars, so I wonder if it will be a difficult game, but I decided to do well today (17th). I started late this season, but I have faith that if I do well in a meaningful way, I will be able to do well next season.

I had to block the inside and outside, but I heard the news that Park Ji-soo was returning today, so I wasn’t prepared for Park Ji-soo. There were things prepared before, and Park Ji-soo and I talked about how to catch the outside while meeting. He said that basketball is not 100% the way he wants it, so even if he makes a mistake, he said it would be nice to be able to focus and move again. When an opportunity arises, it is said to give it as much as possible and to take a lot of throwing movements. The players in the last game must have known this fun.

I am looking at the positive side, but I am trying to make a process so that I can become a better team next time while increasing the number of people available, but it will be difficult, but I will do my best to play the game. 메이저놀이터

Q. Park Ji-soo’s defense?
Yang In-young is running today. I still have pain, but the team is in a difficult situation, so I said I would try to do as much as I could, so I’m thinking about 20 minutes. If Yang In-yeong is matched with Park Ji-soo, he will not play cooperative defense. He thinks that if a mismatch occurs, he should play cooperative defense. Because we are short, the opposing teams are running a lot of mismatches, so we practiced consistently. However, the key is whether inexperienced and young players will be able to properly trap or cooperate defense without panicking.

Q. What are the conditions of the injured (Aena Kim, Jihyun Shin)?
Ana Kim decided to watch for a week first. She said in the hospital she said 2 weeks but she will see how the week goes and she will decide whether to return or not.

Shin Ji-hyun came with a group. He said that the hamstring is a part that requires a lot of reinforcement while taking a break, so he is holding it for two weeks.

He told Kim Ae-na and Shin Ji-hyeon that he hoped they wouldn’t force a comeback. Because players have to look at the long run, he shouldn’t get hurt by overdoing a game, so he leaves the judgment to the players themselves.

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