‘3-year contract with Jeju United’ Yuri, “I know what the team wants… Destroys the opponent like a tank”

YURI JONATHAN (24, YURI JONATHAN, registered name: Yuri), the forward striker of the ‘Brazil Tank’ recently recruited by Jeju United (hereafter referred to as Jeju), expressed his feelings about taking on a new challenge. The fact that he signed a three-year contract until 2025 proves that expectations are high.

“I’m really happy to be able to start a new challenge in Jeju,” said Yuri. “I know very well what Jeju wants. My goal is to destroy the opponent’s camp like a tank and produce a lot of attack points. So, I speak better than words. I want to prove it. I want to get in sync with my new teammates as soon as possible,” he said.

Since making his professional debut in 2017 in Ponte Preta (Brazil), Yuri has been active on the Brazilian stage, going through Coimbra, Perovia Aria and Capivarianu FC. He also has experience going abroad. In 2019, he experienced Asian football in Gainare Acorn, Japan, and also advanced to Portuguese leagues such as Ray Jongs and Estrella. His latest affiliation was with Guarani of the Brazilian Second Division (Serie B). As a loaner, he played 17 league games and scored 7 goals and 2 assists, including a whopping 17 goals and 3 assists including the cup competition.

Yuri is 185cm tall and weighs 88kg, and is good at taking control of the air and post play. He even nicknamed himself ‘Tanque’. His own social media account is also ‘Yuri Tanqu’. He also excels with powerful right-footed shots that catch his opponents off guard. Yuri is a player who has been observed by the club for a long time, and a scout went to Brazil to watch the game and check his skills. He checked not only the performance but also the personality and adaptability of the players in various ways. Coach Nam Ki-il expressed his anticipation, saying, “He is a striker with a strong physique. If Yuri settles down on the K-League 1 stage, Jeju’s attacking options will become more diverse.”

On the other hand, the recruited players who are taking on new challenges in Jeju in the 2023 season are together with the soccer dream tree who dreams of becoming a future professional soccer player in Jeju. Prior to the announcement of the recruitment, the players directly visit Jeju Island’s school soccer teams as well as soccer prospects who have visited Jeju Island for off-season training to participate in team training. 토토사이트

Prior to joining his team, Yuri also visited Hwabuk Elementary School and held a special initiation ceremony. Yuri participated in team training with the players from Hwabuk Elementary School. In particular, he showed off his extraordinary presence with his quick adaptability. Yuri, who started studying Korean to communicate with his coaching staff and colleagues, introduced himself as ‘Tank’ in Korean and enthusiastically participated in training as well as mini-soccer. He bet on chicken and pizza, saying that betting is more fun in his game, and even showed his passion for scoring his fantastic debut goal in Jeju (?).

Yuri said, “In Brazil, soccer players are the ones who give dreams and hopes to children. I am also very happy to be able to meet soccer dreamers in person and have a ceremony at such a meaningful time in Jeju Island. I am getting good energy. My nickname It’s this tank, and my friends from Hwabukcho said they would become a tank corps for me. I feel more confident. I’m already looking forward to the 2023 season, “he smiled.  

Yuri’s sincerity brought smiles to the faces of the Hwabukcho team. Head coach Ko Ji-hoon, who leads the Hwabuk Elementary School football team, said, “Foreign players have good skills, but they can perform better only when they have good adaptability. Yuri seems to have excellent adaptability. said. In response, Yuri raised his thumbs up saying that he would make a big success as the 12th player of Hwabuk Elementary School. 

On the other hand, Hwabukcho is familiar to Jeju residents as Ji Dong-won’s (FC Seoul) alma mater, and stood out with outstanding results such as last year’s undefeated 1st place in the Chilsimni National Championships, runner-up in the Jeju Provincial Sports Festival, runner-up in the Jeju Association President’s Cup, and runner-up in the national elementary league. Yuri also left a message of support, saying that he would deliver chicken and pizza to the students of the soccer club to promote himself and Hwabuk Elementary School this year.

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