An 11-win ace who thrives on being messy

Until last year, the ace of the NC League was Drew Ruchinski. In four years, from 2019 to last year, he pitched 121 games with a 53-36 record and a 3.06 ERA. He led the NC to its first Korean Series title in 2020 and has been playing in Major League Baseball (MLB) for Oakland […]

“I’m sorry, but I’ll do a little better” Oh Jae-il’s successful return to the first team after politely declining an interview… When Guzauk returns, he will form a complete lineup.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man, who met with reporters before the Sasak Lotte game on Nov. 27, was excited about Oh’s return to the first team.토토사이트 Oh, who was struggling with a 1-for-7 batting average (33-for-186) with seven home runs, 32 RBIs and 18 runs scored, used the Futures League to readjust his batting feel. Park […]

Oh Jae-won drops commentary microphone after various controversies, warns abusers instead of apologizing… No sign of remorse

Oh Jae-won, who served as a commentator for SPOTV this season, is hanging up his commentary microphone after various controversies. In an interview on a YouTube channel, Oh Jae-won publicly criticized “Korean Express” star Park Chan-ho. Afterward, he was briefly excluded from TV broadcasts. On October 10, he was controversially criticized for saying “life is […]

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